What is Farah DeJohnette Whole Horsemanship?

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Innovative Training integrating Liberty, True Natural Horsemanship, Classical Dressage, And Articulate riding that respects the horses intelligence and sensitivity. Achieving Holistic Wellness using my Whole approach. Located in Central Massachusetts USA.


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I bought Farah’s own mare, Fate, about three years back. Every person who either meets Fate or rides her is astounded with her incredible work ethic and her impeccable manners. She’s one of the best tempered horse I’ve ever met and I credit lot of that to how Farah started her and then continued with her training till she was nine.


Karen S.
Farah was instrumental in helping me deal with my fear. She did not hand me slogans or platitudes. She gave me “down to earth” things to do which helped me work on myself, my experiences, and my perceptions of myself and my horse. I felt she understood my fear as a real thing (not irrational or false) and the work we did I use in all aspects in my life, not just for horses


Bek F.
I LOVE Farah’s Virtual Coaching. I have access to this amazing woman from New Zealand! I find it so different from any other lesson I’ve had. Because you video yourself beforehand and then discuss the video, you really get to understand what you are learning. You’re not just fixing something in the moment and then later, not quite sure of what you did. My horse and I step-up every time we ride, not just during a lesson, because of Farah’s Virtual Coaching.