About Me and FDWH

Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship is an approach to Horsemanship that emphasizes Friendship, Connection, Trust, and Communication, in balance with Technique. My approach prioritizes the relationship first and tapping into our horses Innate cues so communication is effortless and easy. Most important, FDH emphasizes Fun with your horse!  Click here to read my Bio

This system combines an organic integration of  innovative Relationship building exercises, Liberty Training, In Hand and Ground Work, Dressage based training, and Articulate riding. It is Training that respects the horses Intelligence and Sensitivity. It is based on Truly Natural Horsemanship, There are 4 components to system:

  •  The Ohana Herd exercises for Relationship building-These practices are meant to be done for the life of your relationship with your horse always. They build a deep mutually satisfying relationship that is the foundation for anything you might do goign forward.
  • FDH Liberty Fundamentals-These exercises integrate and The Ohana herd exercises Relationship exercises with Technical Training preparation for In Hand exercises, Lunging, Ground work, And Articulate Riding.
  • FDH In Hand and Lunging exercises-These exercises integrate intuitively and beautifully for introducing Tack and more precise postures and Frames as we move towards non-tack dependent Articulate riding. The softness and connection we have built is maintained all along.
  • FDH Articulate riding; The progression to mounted work is easily and smoothly made if we follow these steps and then integrate how to use our seat and position optimally for harmonious soft connection and communication.

Horses are my life. My Journey has been profound in every way. I learn from them every day. What I learn, I bring to my students. My goal is improving horse/human relationships. One horse and one person at a time.

Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship