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  • June 26, 2024 - June 27, 2024
    11:00 am - 12:45 pm

Join me for first time offered two day online event! The first day I’ll be covering utilizing Bach Flower essences to support trauma release and behavior changes. I’ll be offering suggestions for participants and their animals based on my Bach flower training and my Intuitive guidance. I’ll also help you get in touch with your own Intuitive guidance and how to build confidence in that area for selecting remedies. Participants are encouraged to submit a photo of any animals they would like suggestions for and to provide a summary of any behaviors or challenges they are dealing with.

This will be day one of a 2 day clinic that will cover Flower essences and Zoopharmacognosy featuring Spring plants growing on the property and my newly adopted ottb mare. Day 2, I’ll be offering medicinal plants and herbs foraged for on the property to help Jazzy tell me what she’s trying to balance by what she selects. I’ll be using my worksheets to see a health pattern in her selections.

A Replay will be available to all participants. Replay for NON MEMBERS will be available for 1 week.

Cost for NON MEMBER participation is $29.95

MEMBERS have free access to the Live class and replay as long as your membership is active

In this two day series you’ll learn:

  • About Bach flower essences and how to apply them to yourself and your animal(s)
  • How to administer them effectively
  • How to make custom blends
  • How to keep track of changes over time and adjust remedies
  • How to Identify and offer Spring plants growing on your property
  • How offering medicinal plants can let your horse “tell” you what’s out of balance in their health and wellness
  • How to help your horse rebalance naturally utilizing FREE plants available all around us!

Here’s what you’ll experience in My Live Zoom training Webinars:

    • You get access to me from anywhere in the world!
    • You’ll get to watch live in real time.
    • You’ll get to interact with me in real time and ask questions during the Zoom class.
    • You’ll get to learn from other participants questions and answers.
    • You can submit Questions to me if you can’t attend the live classes.
    • You don’t need to trailer your horse anywhere!
    • And of course REPLAYS! If you can’t make the live classes for paid participants and members

Bach Flower essences and Zoopharmacognosy live Zoom class June 26-27


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