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  • June 15, 2020 - July 12, 2020
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Farah Dejohnette HorsemanshipThis course takes more detailed looks at each movement and it’s application. Using movements to diagnose as well as gymnasticise, rehab and improve soundness, comfort, and wellness of your horse.

This Live Streaming course will cover in 4 sessions on consecutive Sundays at 11am ET *Replays will be available and you will have access to the previous course material!

This class is suitable for Bitless and Bitted horses. Exercises can be modified to individual horses level and fitness.

Participation info: Please read and select the appropriate participation based on your Member or NON-Member status when checking out:

  • If you are a Mentor Gold or Mentor Pro member, participation is included at no additional charge!
  • If you’re a Premium member your discounted price is just $60.00 for the course
  • If you’re a Basic Member your discounted price is just $70.00
  • If you’re a Non-Member, the course is just $100.00

  • Fine tuning Liberty Lateral work exercises
  • Body Language and energy on the ground and Mounted
  • Fine tuning specific movements ie. Turn on the forehand, Leg Yield, Shoulder In Mounted.
  • Focusing specifically on one lateral exercise at a time in depth.
  • Basic handling of reins or Single line and Equipment selection
  • Basic use of tools (if, when and where needed)
  • Identifying and releasing on Correct movements
  • Practice patterns
  • Riding Lateral exercises
  • *optional Participants can submit Video for analysis

Lateral work Refinement Online Streaming course Part 2


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