Event Phone: (978)836-0509

  • November 19, 2023
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Liberty Fun!damentals is the next step in my system that builds on the Ohana Equine Human Relationship exercises. Though not required, it is a good idea if you are familiar and practicing regularly the OEHR exercises. (If you would like to view the Ohana Equine Human Relationship Exercises Online Course you can become a member by CLICKING HERE)Farah Dejohnette Horsemanship

In this Class, I will show how I Integrate Technical Training, Biomechanics, Balance, Suppleness and Frame while Preserving the fun and building the relationship!

9:00am to 5:00pm Bring your own lunch

Participation with a horse: $125.00 Auditing: $25.00  Contact Sam Stanley to register 978.836.0509

In this Clinic you will Learn:

  • My Basic Liberty Fun!damentals exercises
  • How to gain confidence in your Liberty practice in the arena
  • How to gain confidence in your ability to communicate Go left or Right, basic figures (Circles), bending, suppleness, Framing, Balance, Posture and obstacles
  • How to gain Confidence in your feel, body language, and timing.
  • How to recognize correct Bio-mechanics and Posture, Frame and Balance
  • How to create fun flowing Liberty patterns that are beneficial to your horse
  • How to maintain the Relationship quality when adding Training goals.


Venue Phone: 978 836 0509

94 Essex rd, Ipswich, Massachusetts, United States

Liberty Fun!damentals clinic Nov 19 Ipswich MA


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