Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship Intensive online Program

Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship
I am pleased to offer this Online Mentorship training program!

Basic Overview: The Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship Online Mentor program is a customized program that you shape for your needs and desired Curriculum. It is designed to help Equine professionals or serious Amateur horseman to follow their Authentic path with horses. One of the many unique features of this program is that we tailor Curriculum to each individual’s needs and goals. The program is also designed to help you find your voice in your chosen area of study. Not a carbon copy of FDWH but what you uniquely can bring to the world of horses that no one else can. The program is here to provide you with guidance and tools. I’m interested in what you do with them! 

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The program runs in 3 month increments for each module. At the end of each module, there will be a review and evaluation. I will be looking at participants overall quality of work and study, Feedback and guidance will be offered so that they you will improve and work toward becoming the that you can be. I will look at where your strengths are and where it is best to focus your energy for success. Participants will also be given an opportunity to give feedback so the program may improve going forward. Participants will be asked if they wish to continue on for the next module or additional modules. I realize that people change their mind and goals change and I want people to be happy which leads to greater satisfaction.

How do you know if you this Program is a good fit for you?

You should participate in this Program if you:

  • Have a deep empathy for horses
  • Have a desire to learn my unique approach to Horses and Horsemanship
  • Have a desire to have a more Enriched relationship with Horses.
  • Have access to a Computer, Tablet or Mobile phone.
  • Have the ability to video and upload your work to youtube, vimeo or similar during the modules.
  • Have the ability to keep a blog of your experiences
  • Have No experience, Some experience, a lot of experience with horses. It’s all ok as long as you have an open mind, are willing to work reliably, diligently, and happily.
  • This program comes with a certificate on completion upon demonstrating satisfactory execution of each module to be determined by reviewing your work and final Evaluations.

What will you learn in the program? Here the topics that are covered (they can be customized to suit your focus):

  • The FDWH System of Horsemanship (one year program)
  • *The Articulate Rider™ (Includes position training required for Trainers, Instructors and Clinicians)
  • The FDWH System of Liberty Training from Foundation to advanced
  • *The FDWH System of Training (required for Trainers, Instructors and Clinicians)
  • *The FDWH System of Teaching (Required for Instructors and Clinicians)
  • *The FDWH System of Clinics (Required for endorsed Clinicians)
  • Business: from starting it to buying your first facility, Social Media Marketing, Marketing and Promotion
  • The Ohana Farm model-sustainability and eco-friendly horse farming
  • Natural Horse keeping
  • Holistic Care modalities-Herbs, Cultivated and dry, Homeopathy, Flower essences, Chinese element typing
  • Natural Performance horse training for competition
  • *Behavioral Rehabilitation (Required for Trainers)
  • *Physical Rehabilitation (required for Trainers)
  • Master classes
  • Training level upgrades (required for Endorsement listing and Referral)

How much do Modules cost?

Each Quarter is 3 months to be paid prior to each Module start.  The modules are broken down so you may pay as you go to suit your budget. Each module is $299.95. Buy 4 modules and get a Discount with full pre-payment of $1100.00 You can also choose an easy payment plan of 12 payments of just $99.95! Contact me for a Professional Mentor Pricing and Program options.

*People wishing to get Instructor’s, Trainers and Clinicians certification, endorsement and website listing  must take required Modules.

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*NOTE: You do not have to do all modules at one time in a row. You may take 1 at a time. You may take them on your own timeline however, If you don’t have a firm Liberty foundation, It will be recommended as a prerequisite for other Modules.

What is included in the program?

  • Choice of Curriculum listed above
  • Home practice
  • membership to the FDWH online clinic site
  • Video evaluations
  • Up to four 30min skype or phone consults a month per module (schedule permitting)
  • final proficiency evaluation for each level to evaluate comprehension and application
  • Certificate of Completion of program

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*In person Master Classes and endorsement upgrades or renewals at Ohana farm are an additional charge. Discounts available for elective, supplemental study areas for example Self Selection, Rehabilitation, Bitless riding etc.

If you are interested in becoming an FDWH Mentor, Instructor, and Recommended Clinician, you must complete the FDH Instructor, Training and Clinician Modules. Each section and level has one 1 month of instruction with final evaluation at the end. 

  • FDH Instructor-Learn effective professional, Supportive, adaptable Teaching methods and People Skills
  • FDH Training-Learn one of the most progressive, unique, gentle and articulate training systems available.
  • FDH Clinician-Learn how to present to workshop groups in an organized yet organic flexible way.

How do I get more info? Contact Us

  • Candidates will be required to submit a baseline Video submission. 
  • Candidates wishing to get Teaching and Training Endorsements, Referrals and listing on the FDH Website will be required to be upgrade annually and re-submit Videos of their current work.