Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship Tack

As a trainer, I have developed my own tack to meet mine and my horses needs for comfort, effective communication, high quality durability and beautiful enough for the the show ring.The Original FDWH Signature Training Bridle is designed to stand up to hard daily use and fit from mini to draft. This Bridle is a fantastic All Around bridle that goes from Ground work to Mounted with Grace and Ease. The Optional D-ring on the nose allows you do Classical In Hand exercises without having to change tack for riding. Bridles are $239.95 (plus shipping) $259.95 with the D-Ring (plus shipping) available in Black or Brown, *Special order Zebra, and Leopard print. Matching adjustable reins are available in Black and Brown for $99.95, Adjustable Liberty reins are available in Black or Brown and are $99.95. If you are interested in ordering a Farah DeJohnette Signature Bridle, Liberty Rein or other custom piece of tack click here to get more info or order

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FDWH Original Signature "Training" Bridle
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