Herbs and whole foods for horses oct 29th

Join us at Ohana farm for the ever popular class on Self Selection (Zoopharmacognosy), Herbs and Whole foods for horses. We will be covering the specific steps to adding this amazingly beneficial, educational and fun practice to your horses program.

Self-Selection (Zoopharmacognosy) is the offering of essential oils, Medicinal and Nutritional herbs, Oils, Minerals and Whole foods. Animals in the wild are free to roam and find what they need for nutritional balance and wellness. Domestic animals have little access to the variety or fresh foods they would normally eat. Self Selection allows your animal to instinctively pick what it needs for its own Nutritional, Physical and Emotional balance. Bring the meadow to your horse! We are one of the only farms to do this and offer classes in it. Don’t miss out! The class will run from 8:30-12pm ET. The class is open to bring your horses and there is unlimited auditing. The fee for the class is $150.00 per horse and $35.00 for auditing. If you can not attend in person, you can participate online via live stream from 10am-12pm ET and have access to a video replay for $50.00 Online participation will be limited to 15 people. If you are unfamiliar with Google Hangouts click here for  Tutorial

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In this class you will learn:

  • Safe steps and practices to introducing Self selection to your horse
  • The facial and body language horses use to communicate while Self Selecting
  • How to fill out a work sheet for to keep track of what your horse is picking so you can track trends towards their health. For example: Are they selecting things for digestion, Inflammation, respiratory etc.
  • How to identify plants and herbs that are probably growing right at your farm or home and have amazing benefits for your horses health
  • How to grow plants, fruits and veggies for your horse
  • Herb samples will be provided for the class and bulk herbs will be available for purchase on site
  • Containers will be provided for putting items in for horses to Self Select from

What to bring:

  • If bringing a horse, a negative coggins
  • a pen and clip board
  • a chair
  • hay and water buckets

Cancellation policy

Herbs and whole foods for horses oct 29th


    • FarahD

      Hi Cyndi Thanks for your interest in this class. Our curriculum is always building and changing at the farm so each year is a little bit different as we add new and interesting topics and teachers. So this topic may be revisited at some point but I can’t give you an exact date at the moment. That’s also why I added the online participation option for people who may want to attend but we’re not able to get here or wanted access to the replay. 🙂 Also, hosting a clinic is always an option and I am booking for 2018 dates now!

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