5 day FDH Whole Approach Retreat (recommended)Scroll down for other options


5 day FDWH retreat-with our horse or yours includes:

  • Liberty Ohana exercises-3hrs
  • Liberty Fundamentals-3hrs
  • In hand work/Lunging-3hrs
  • Articulate riding-3hrs
  • FDH Whole Horse care (Including Hoof Basic)-3hrs

Total Package (without accomodation includes use of our horses)-$1875.00

Additional add ons:

  • Bring your horse with stabling for your horse-$150.00
  • Optional-body work (additional fee)
  • Optional on site accommodation-+$595.00
  • Airport pickup-+$180.00

Total Value-$2800.00

Total Package discount-$2500.00

Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship

Custom Study Retreats


Study Retreats are a 1 to 7 days (longer times are available by request). They are an option for 1 person or a group of people that want to share study time but may not fill a formal clinic. Intensives are nice because they can be customized to suit whatever your needs or group needs are. They are priced based on location and travel or can be done on site at Ohana Farm with you and your horse or ours. Limited on site accommodation may be available for additional charges . Prices start at $350.00 and up.

Curriculum can include one or a custom mix of these topics:

  • Ohana herd foundation Relationship Building exercises
  • Liberty Fundamentals-Integrating Relationship building with Technical Bio-Mechanical Liberty exercises
  • In Hand and Ground exercises with tack
  • Articulate Riding and use of position and seat
  • Self Selection (Zoopharmacognosy) and Holistic Care and Feeding