Natural Jumpers Workshop April 19 North Brookfield, MA

Because jumping is fun! Especially when you and your horse are confident and have a great relationship! This workshop is for beginner jumpers to more advanced. This clinic will focus on building trust, confidence and technical skill from Liberty, Ground Pole/Cavaletti exercises to Mounted work over fences. Special emphasis will be on developing a calm confident partnership whatever your level. This workshop is suitable for Eventers, Hunter/Jumper, Pleasure/Trail jumpers and for people who would like to just have another fun activity with a more versatile horse. It’s excellent cross training for other disciplines even your dressage horses! There will be Cross Country style, some unusual jumps and more plain looking ones for a variety to choose from and school with confidence. Fee for participation: $95 per horse/rider, Auditing one day $30/pperson 

Stabling available as well as turnout for $25.00 a day/night

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Schedule-8:30-12pm Ground work. 1-4pm More ground work or Mounted (or both) practice participants choice.


In this Clinic you will learn:

  • How to measure and walk courses and set up your own skill building exercises
  • How to warm up and Improve your horses ride-ability for Jumping
  • Liberty and Ground work for fun, to build confidence, and help improve form and bascule in your horse
  • Improving position, balance and stability to become a better partner for your horse
  • How to ride courses more confidently and problem solve

What to bring:

  • Whatever tack you like to use
  • Coggins

Cancellation policy

Natural Jumper Workshop April 19 North Brookfield, MA


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