Self Selection, Herbs and Whole foods Class Nov 4 North Brookfield, MA


Do you want to know more about the power of Herbs and Whole foods for your animals? Join me for a class and demonstration in Herbs and Whole foods for horses. At Ohana Farm Herbs and Whole foods are an important part of our horses general health and balance as well as our horses with health maintenance requirements. We use Herbs and Whole foods for helping our clients horses with Insulin Resistance, Cushings, Respiratory issues, Skin, Digestive, Ulcers, Injuries, Detoxing, Allegies and more. Many Herbs grown wild on our farms and are free natural medicines. Bring your horse to participate, Audit without a horse or participate online.

Participation with a horse-$95 Auditing-$35 Online participation-$35

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In this class you will learn:

  • Various Herbs and Whole foods for health and wellness fresh and dried
  • How to identify what herbs you can find on your own farms
  • About toxic plants and what really is toxic
  • How to let your horse tell you what he needs to balance and by that get insight into his general health and help him balance naturally
  • The different categories of Herbs and Whole foods, Digestive, Anti-Inflammatory, Respiratory, Immune boosters, Antihistamines, Cellular repair and injuries, Super Nutrition, Anti-Bacterial and Viral, Antihelminthics (parasites),
  • Natural Supplementation and how to work towards minimal to no Supplements
  • How there is no cookie cutter approach to nutrition and health. Each animals requirements are unique in their needs and the amounts they actually require.

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Self Selection, Herbs and Whole foods Class Nov 4 North Brookfield, MA

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