The Share a Horse program was created so people could participate in a true connection and bond with a horse during their learning experience. This is something I am quite passionate about! I feel that everyone should get to experience that magical relationship with horses. Horse have profoundly touched my life and I want to make it available to everyone, young and old!

Instead of offering a traditional Lesson program, I offer students the opportunity to lease one of our horses (which are rescues or adopted). This program allows me to work with my system of training with people who truly want to experience a bond with a horse but may not have the means or time to commit to owning. Your horse will be matched to your skill level and may in fact need some rehabilitation and training work which you may participate in as part of you learning experience. The resident horses I take in are in the Training Program and will help you further your understanding of horses, horsemanship and my system. It is a unique opportunity! (Limited to two people per horse) Remember, by participating in this program, you are helping support us giving a horse in need a forever home here at Ohana. Contact Us for more info.

Making horses accessible to EVERYONE!

Because I believe in giving everyone the opportunity to experience the magic horses bring to our lives, I offer a sliding scale program for adults and youth. In this program, You pay what you can comfortably contribute for your lessons and our horses upkeep. Sponsorship of Share-a-horse leases are available for anyone who may not be able to afford the program. We particularly like to reach out to urban and rural youths and work with organizations who help youths have access to opportunities like this. Change a youth’s life forever today!

Share a horse structure:

You will have access to your horse three times a week and can participate in clinics with your horse if appropriate. You are required to take one lesson a week minimum. You are not required to come the additional 2 times a week but it is recommended to get the maximum out of your experience with your Horse/Pony. If you would like to participate in the care and feeding, that is optional and can be arranged but is not a necessity (you would have to be at the farm during care hours) The fees which you will be responsible for will be included in a flat monthly charge and include:

Total pony shares start at $400.00 per month per person depending on number of days (1 lesson per week required additional fee)
Total horse shares start at: 400.00/mo and up depending on your package and number of days. (1 lesson per week required additional fee)