Do you want to be an Articulate Rider? Do you want to learn to ride more effortlessly and in harmony with your horse? I observe many riders “shouting” at their horses so to speak when riding. Your Seat, Leg and your position are one of the most important and powerful tools you possess for your connection and communication with your horse while mounted. If you build your body awareness and finesse in your body movements, not only can riding become virtually effortless, but also harmonious, and natural. Simply put, if you are not aware of your body and what it’s saying to your horse, you are fighting yourself through your horses body. There are several points on the horses body that when applied clearly and precisely, your horse will understand and respond willingly to (if he is physically able). Bio-mechanically correct riding, harmony, and technical ease become much simpler and attainable when we become more articulate riders for our horses.

Please bring your Yoga/Physio ball for Unmounted exercises. People will ride skill building patterns to increase articulate position communication with their horse. The clinic will start at 8:30 there will be a break for Lunch and then sessions through the afternoon. 8 horse/rider spots will be available. There will be unlimited auditing and auditors can participate in the the unmounted class with their own yoga ball (please select one that suits your size for simulating riding) Please make sure your ball is firmly inflated.

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In this clinic you will learn the 5 main components of an Articulate riding position:

  • The components of good position and communication
  • Balance, Lateral and Longitudinal equilibrium and flexibility
  • Core and Back flexibility and Independence-finding the power in your back
  • Pelvic Awareness, Flexibility and Independence-Finding your pelvic mobility and optimal functionality for precise and refined communication. 
  • Articulate Leg communication and Independence-influencing the horses muscles groups easily and accurately and finding correct leg position for optimal communication. All the leg functions.
  • Shoulder alignment and Independence for various gymnastic requests-awareness and alignment for basic maneuvers.
  • Balimo chair exercises-
  • improved range of motion exercises
  • Trouble shooting individual  position problems.

Saturday Schedule: 9-4:30

  • 9:00-12pm Un-mounted class with Yoga balls and individual Balimo chair position awareness lessons.First we will cover Yoga Ball exercises for awareness and range of motion. Then we will evaluate and improve individual posture on the Balimo stool.
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 1:00-5:00 Mounted sessions 2 at a time riding skill building patterns and practicing applying exercises learned from the Un-mounted practice.

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Cancellation policy

The Articulate Rider class July 30

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