FDWHorsemanship Virtual Coaching

Welcome to FDH Virtual Coach! For a long time I have wanted to be able to bring my services to people all over the world. Now, We have the technology!  If you don’t have access to the type of training, clinics or instruction you desire, This is a great option for you also, If you would like continued support after intensives or clinics, This is a great way to get check ups, new exercises and highly personalized programs designed specifically for you and your horse. Start by making a 10-15 minute video of where you are and what you are working on or need help with.

  • New! Option 1Use your tablet to do live real time lessons. If you have a friend, a signal (or wifi) at your facility, and a Tablet with Skype or Google Chat, We can do a real Virtual lesson! contact me to set up an appointment. I will go over your video with you and give you new exercises to work on. *If you would like to get Virtual Coaching without submitting video, choose Skype/Phone coaching. Instructions: Set up your Youtube,Vimeo or similar account to share video links with me. Contact me to schedule an appointment.
  • Option 2-Skype/Phone video analysis coaching (Recommended):
    Set up a Skype account,(Click here to get Skype) Then add me to your contacts and we can meet face to face for coaching, instruction and analysis of videos of your practice!
  • Option 3-Virtual Demo and Video Analysis session (Recommended) This is the optimal combination of a live streaming demo customized for you about a specific topic or lesson and a video analysis session. Choose a single session or package of 12 for a savings.
  • New! Option 4-Virtual Demo group class-(Recommended) This is the optimal combination of a live streaming demo customized for you and your friends about a specific topic or lesson demo. Can be tailored to your time zone for up to 15 people. Get a Quote

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“I LOVE Farah’s Virtual Coaching. I have access to this amazing woman from New Zealand! I find it so different from any other lesson I’ve had…Because you video yourself beforehand and then discuss the video, you really get to understand what you are learning. You’re not just fixing something in the moment and then later, not quite sure of what you did. My horse and I step-up every time we ride, not just during a lesson, because of Farah’s Virtual Coaching.”
Bek F.