Farah Dejohnette horsemanship

Youth Horsemanship camp Feb 18-22 North Brookfield, MA

Don’t miss this beat opportunity for mid winter horsing around! I am offering another Youth Horsemanship camp because the first one was so much fun and the kids and I enjoyed it so much! This camp is for aspiring young horseman looking to build correct foundations and learn more sophisticated concepts that will last a lifetime. The focus of this camp will be learning and improving dressage and horsemanship in general as it applies to other disciplines like Jumping and Western. Participants will learn by working with the patterns and through fun role-playing. We will be using Exercises for developing an eye for what we are and aren’t looking for so participants can learn to visualize what they are trying to achieve. We will be riding actual Dressage test patterns throughout the week and learning how to utilize them for practice culminating into a final ride with critique on the the last day. The goal will be having fun while improving understanding, application and execution of exercises. The fee for camp is $400.00 per participant.

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Monday-9-12pm developing an eye for proper form and bio-mechanics-with demonstration and role-playing.

Tues-9-12pm Liberty framing and In Hand work-Applying principles and working with Dressage tests

Weds-9-12pm Applying principles and working with Dressage tests

Thurs-9-12pm  Applying principles and working with Dressage tests

Friday-9-12pm Dressage tests with critiques

Afternoons are optional and will be open free play time with or without the horses or participants can go home at 12pm. If overnight accommodation is needed,  Arrangements can be made for participants who wish to stay on site or near the farm. Contact me for details

What to bring:

  • Warm clothes-gloves, hats , hand warmers, Layers and warm boots
  • Snacks and beverages- We have tea on site

Cancellation policy

Youth Horsemanship camp Feb 18-22 North Brookfield, MA

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