I decided to revisit natural body language again because in the class we just did this past month, it proved to be the thing people struggled with the most along with developing a sense for the bio-mechanics in themselves and their horses. Body language is a part of not only our relationship on the ground but also our mounted relationship.

We started by exploring the idea that Body language starts with Energetic Inflection in the horse and the person. As we learn to become more Self Aware and Listen to our horses, We become much more tuned in to what we are really saying beyond movement, gestures and tools. I also defined the difference between man made Body Language versus Body Language and Cues which are Innate to all horses. Truly Natural Language is already in the horse. When we learn it,there is no need to train a conditioned response. We only need to Communicate well!

When core intention is aligned with visualization, it creates a body movement with pure clean communication. It is not so much about how we move, but the authenticity of the Inflection behind the movement. That is why one person can make a subtle movement and get a lot of response from a horse in a specific way. And another will get very little to no response.

Have you ever seen someone jumping up and down and waving tools or sticks at a horse and getting no response from the horse? I call that empty body language. And it tends to serve as unintentional desensitization.

You never want to desensitize your horse to your language. It’s like when you are in a relationship and one person starts to tune the other one out. This in turn tends to make people communicate louder instead of better.

I will be offering another Live Streaming demonstration on Body Language for Liberty and Liberty Fun!damentals and how to communicate more refinement and complex requests. This is how we can weave Suppleness, Bio-mechanics, Balance, Rhythm and Posture into our Liberty to Mounted practice.

The Live Streaming demo will be on February 28th at 11:30am ET this demo will be free to attend but you must register for it here Register now!

You will need to have access to youtube and  Google Hangouts. To get info on Google Hangouts and learn how to use it click here Google Hangouts info


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