Basic Structure:
The Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship Online Mentor PRO program is a course broken down into six sections. It is designed to help you learn the FDH system of Training and for Equine Professionals.
You will need to be able to do the following to participate:

-You will need to film examples of your practice and teaching for assignments
-You will need access to at least one horse to work with (not necessarily your own)
-A desire to learn a unique approach to Horses, Horsemanship and Teaching
-Some experience or a lot of experience with horses. It’s all ok as long as you have an open mind, are willing to work Safely and within your skill level, You can be honest about your fear and confidence issues and make them known.
-*Optional-keeping a progress blog about your work in “The Herd” area at this link
-Set the following up (if you don’t already have them): a Youtube channel, Facebook Business page, Twitter account, Linked in, Instagram, Blog and Website.

FDH I Mentor