Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship

Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship

Bringing over 30 years of horse training expertise, Farah DeJohnette’s talent in competitive horse training blended with her Natural Classical Horsemanship and Holistic programs, make her a uniquely skilled Trainer.

Spending the better part of her youth taking lessons, working, and apprenticing for various local trainers in the Woodstock, NY area, Farah began her first intensive apprenticeship with the Williamsburg Farm in 1995, home to the great Olympic stallion Abdullah and state of the art breeding operation. While competing and training some of their young stock, Farah began learning all the aspects of the professional equestrian industry.

After working at Williamsburg Farm, she returned to the Woodstock, NY in 1996 to work part time for Pat Jacobson, Trainer, Equine Author and Artist. At the same time, she continued to bring her warmblood mare, Finessa along in her training.

In order to keep advancing her career, Farah moved to Connecticut in 1998 and worked with Jenni Martin and her partner Steve successful FEI Grand Prix Jumping rider and Trainers on the West coast circuit.

Moving to West Palm Beach Florida in 1999, Farah continued her training by
working with acclaimed Dressage master, John Winnett, seven-time Olympian in Dressage and Jumping, and his wife Roanne, a Top Eventer.

Returning to Connecticut in the year 2000, Farah started working towards her own business, Farah DeJohnette Whole Horsemanship. She began working with Virginia Leary, top Eventer and FEI Dressage competitor. Farah then spent the next few years with her Dutch Warmblood Mercury, receiving guidance from World renown French Classical Trainer, Bettina Drummond.

She is currently Competing, Coaching, Training, Instructing, Traveling internationally for clinics and Teaching Zoom Courses and 1 on 1 Online Virtual Coaching/Mentoring in her Unique Approach to Whole Horsemanship.

Farah has studied, is influenced and inspired by many Master horseman. Of particular importance are Horseman who she feels truly innovated in their respective areas. Nuno Oliveira, Bettina Drummond, Linda Tellington, Carolyn Resnick and a huge influence, her Artistic and Musical upbringing being the daughter of world renown Jazz musician, Jack DeJohnette.  Farah feels that her Artistic upbringing inspired her Highly Unique Intuitive, Collaborative, Improvisational Horsemanship style that creates a flowing artistic Consensual approach to training horses. As a self professed Student of the Horse, she continually studies with her most influential teachers, the Horses, the Art of Communication and dancing with Horses in Harmony.

FDHorsemanship’s scope is broad and integrates a Relationship Focus with Training. It is primarily focused on building deeply bonded Relationships with Horses as a springboard to all other goals. She looks for Deep friendship and Partnership with her and her client’s horses.

FDHorsemanship’s Innovative and fun Liberty-Ground-Mounted approach is a blend of Classical Dressage inspired Holistic Horsemanship, Articulate, Embodied Riding, Chiropractic and Yoga Principles and FUN! FDWH also encourages Natural horse keeping and Holistic wellness programs!

From Farah:
“I am not defined by one training method: I am a horseman. There is only one kind of training, It is called Horsemanship. And that’s what I do. I study and I learn from each horse to create a rich knowledge and experience base to draw from. This has allowed me the versatility to be able to work successfully with all types of breeds, temperaments, disciplines, and levels. In overview, the horses have been the greatest teachers I’ve had. Each horse I’ve worked with has provided me with their own unique lessons.”

“In fact, most of the wisdom I learned in life, I learned in the presence of a horse.”