The Natural Outline class is in progress! If you haven’t already responded I invited submissions for a blog post of pictures of your un-tacked horses standing on even ground in profile and or video of your horse at liberty walking, trotting and cantering in both directions (if possible) for evaluation purposes. Doesn’t matter what breed, age, type or discipline. It doesn’t matter if you are in the class you can still submit photos and videos for fun. I will select several and feature them.

I wanted to talk about how we can spring from Foundation Liberty (building a relationship) to Liberty Fun!damentals (integrating technical, bio mechanics, and maintaining our relationship and fun). Who doesn’t want to have fun with their horse? But often “Training” Or wanting to be technically correct gets people frustrated and losing sight of the fun. Or they feel like they can’t ask for more correct work because it wont be “fun” anymore. It’s all in how you “frame” things in your own mind. If you are lighthearted about your training and keep it fun for both of you while encouraging your horses creativity and mental engagement, it can be a great time for you both to bond, have fun, learn and actually “Train” for even really advanced stuff like Lateral work, collection, Jumping and obstacles!

In this first module of the class we are starting to look at how we can create a “training dance” with our horse at Liberty that starts to support Symmetry, Suppleness, Balance, Tempo and a Natural Outline (Frame). I really don’t judge horses conformation. In fact, I hate when people pick horses apart like super models. I look at these things in and unbiased way so I can design a training dance for my horses well being that will allow him to be happy, comfortable, supple, balanced, athletic, and strong for whatever we do together. I look at where I can help my horse be stronger, more supple, symmetrical, and balanced.

I have spent the last few years not only rehabbing horses but also learning what and amazing tool Liberty Training can be and how it can be applied very technically for warming up, Getting fit, helping find better balance, Tempo, better posture, more flexibility and as a result a Natural sustainable Outline with out any tack. Once you add tack to a horse who has learned this way, you start to see how you don’t need to depend on it anymore. You won’t ever have un-natural tension from using tack. you will maintain the softness all the way up to mounted. As Tack becomes merely an extension of what you have been building from Liberty. I find this progression especially good for Young horses being started and also horses who need re-schooling/restarting or are coming back from injuries and long down time.

In the last blog I said we were going to evaluate our horses first before we start our Liberty Fun!damentals that will lead our horses to their Natural Outline. I have a few photos here I am going to show of horses conformation. I would like to hear your thoughts on these horses conformations to see how good your eye is. We have quite a good variety. I will talk about them in the next blog. Our next Live demo for the class will be on Sunday the 10th at 11:30am ET. Those of you in the class will get a link with an invite to the demo in your email before the event. We will be covering body language and energy for working with your horse at this stage. There is still time to join the class and follow along at your own pace! Register now!

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Natural Outline, Liberty Fun!damentals and Conformation

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