Happy New Year to one and all. I always like to spend  January reflecting on the past year and looking forward to what I would like to accomplish the upcoming year. I encourage you all to reflect on what you have accomplished in all areas of your life and what you would like to accomplish in the upcoming year BUT I want you to keep the following things in mind.

  • If I could accomplish just one major goal in 2017, with my horse what would it be?
  • When I think about working on this goal, do I get excited about the PROCESS as well as the end outcome?
  • Is my motivation to pursue this goal intrinsic, something coming from within me because it is congruent personally, interesting and important to me and my horse, or is it extrinsic, something that I feel would please other people, gain approval or prove something to someone else?

Sometimes we want to achieve too many things and it gets overwhelming and we want them for the wrong reasons. Try staying with one thing. Do it for yourself.  Write it down and look at it next year at this time to see how far you got and if your target shifted.

Now on to Maestro. I have been observing Maestro and his herd and enjoying his company. People keep asking me if I am working with him. At this stage, I want nothing from Maestro but to get to know him, learn about his character and build a friendship with him. I am getting what I call a baseline of his whole horse-ness. I am observing how he interacts with his herd. How he handles the interactions with each horse. His eating and drinking habits, His resting and playing habits. How he’s maintaining his weight, How he interacts with the various people he comes in contact with and me and how he handles our interaction. I allow him to be free to interact with me and never pursue him or seek him out. I only spend time in Companionship with him and our family.

In the couple of weeks he has been here at the farm, I have learned that he is a very grounded soul. Though he gets concerned about things in a subtle way that some people may miss, He is fairly confident and independent even though he is deeply bonded to his Uncle Jordan. I learn about horse interactions and social behavior everyday and have in fact learned a ton more since setting up Ohana farm in the last few years. One of the striking things I saw with Jordan an Maestro was that he literally has taken on a Mare’s role with Maestro. I first thought he was just bonded to him but then I noticed some very Mare and foal like behavior between them which I had not seen with two boys before. The nice thing is though he is very bonded to Jordan, He is not showing separation anxiety when they are not together. A key to his character. I have learned that he LOVES his food once he got used to ours. I have learned that he is a good water drinker. He likes our nightly hand grooming sessions when I do night check and leaves his hay to show me where to scratch him. I have learned that he spends time with Mercury, Roo,  and Jordan individually sharing hay and sometimes with all 4 of them sharing hay. Having known the other 3 horses for some time the herd being established, I knew how the herd felt energetically and interacted before Maestro joined. One of the most fascinating things I see at the farm is how the herds shift when you add or change out members. What the new horses bring to the table and what they bring out in the other horses and how they shift the herd energy in general.

Maestro integrated into the herd in the calm soft way he did everything else. He took it in stride and in fact, I feel his energy has harmonized the herd and made it more familial. To compare, When I added Jordan to the herd, Mercury and Jordan were quite out of joint with each other for some time and he and Mercury bickered for some time until they decided Mercury would hold his position and Jordan learned how things worked around the farm and with me. Mercury seemed quite irritated with Jordan not knowing our customs and how to fit in. Now they are friends and are at peace with each other. Roo the old school pony who also joined the herd after Jordan, Seemed more aloof until Maestro joined the herd. Now I see him and Maestro eating together and in fact Maestro has been trying to invite him to play what I call “Bitey face game”

This Sunday the 8th, we will be streaming live from Maestro’s paddock at 12;30 ET via Google Hangouts and Youtube. If you are a Premium member of the site you will be able to participate in the live streaming demo and can register here for your place Register for Maestro’s Event If you are a Virtual Clinic level member you will be able to view the replay once it’s posted. Those who are registered, will receive a link to the stream via email and invite. Not a member yet? Join the fun now!



A New Year and more about Maestro

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