Happy New Year all! It’s my favorite holiday of the year for reflection and goals setting and voila!, New Year New Horse! I just recently took in a horse named Angus (aka Sonny). He is what I call a Horse at risk. He was not working out in his job as a lesson horse and the people who had him wanted him to have a shot at a good life after putting as much effort as they could and deeming him better for the one on one person situation.

I went to look at him and meet him and see what Angus’s troubles might be. He is 5yr old a sturdy built handsome guy who seemed to like people but was somewhat un-confident. I picked up all four feet (which he was good about) to see if I could see any issue there. I watched him in his environment to see how he felt about things. He was basically well mannered. I watched him get lunged in both directions. He appeared willing especially since they stressed to me he had not been worked with for some time. I did a little ground work with him and asked Angus some questions about what he knew and what he didn’t and we had our first conversation about his future.

He arrived a yesterday, and I put him out in one of our paddocks so he could see where he was and I could observe him. He was basically calm and peaceful for a new horse so all was well.

Another reason I took Angus in, is because he I could tell he was in need of what I call an adult horse re-start. I am about to offer an online Colt Starting and adult horse Re-starting course. Many horses I meet need to to be restarted for various reasons so they can flourish. Angus is a great candidate to start over again from the ground up.

As many people know, Most behavioral issues come from pain. I was informed that Angus had a very unusual and unfortunate Castration experience. He woke up before his surgery was finished and ran around and had to be caught and re-sedated to finish it. He wound up having complications and a much longer healing time as well as the emotional trauma he suffered. His problems started after that. This happened a couple years ago and apparently some professional training did not achieve the results hoped for.

Anyhoo, Here we are and here we go! Angus is going into my FDWH makeover program so he can have a new career and person. He will be offered up for sale to the right situation as we have too many current resident horses to keep him as one of our own regretfully.

The course will run for 3 months and total cost will be $398.90. Though it is not required, It would be good if participants can submit video of their practice with there chosen horse. We will follow the progress of Angus my personal project horse in real time over the 3 month period starting January 28th with a Live streaming demo at 11am ET. You can follow at your own pace and watch videos and or watch the live streaming scheduled demos.

Why should you take this course? You Should take this course if you are Starting a Young Colt or you have acquired a horse that was incorrectly started and has holes in their foundation training as well as possible emotional challenges.

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Angus: Colt Starting and Restarting the Adult horse online course

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