Angus: Peeling the layers

I am about at the 6 week mark with Angus and he is coming along nicely. He has selected some essential oils which lead me to think he could have ulcers or some digestive disturbance. He shows some signs of reactivity in his stomach area so I added some stomach medicinal plants to his diet and I did see a difference within a week. I also added a supplement to help him rebuild his hooves faster and general condition.

He continues to get calmer and more adjusted to my program. I can tell he has discovered muscles he didn’t know he had and mobility in places he didn’t know he could move. The second month of my 90 day Colt Starting (Restarting or Make-over) Program, if I don’t see any issues, I will start adding In Hand work and Lunge work that is carefully crafted to support my horses’ development in a more specific and precise way. My Fundamental Liberty exercises prepare my horse for this more intimate and focused way of working In Hand. In Hand exercises allow me to work with specific movements and postures that are the equivalent to Equine Yoga and Pilates. I use specific exercises using my body language at Liberty that help my horse get more supple, balanced and both of us more Aligned with each other.

In the next few weeks, once I have deemed Angus is completely comfortable in body and mind, I will approach mounted work. He has been fitted with my Training Bridle so he can learn the Natural Frame prior to any riding, develop Suppleness, a topline and strengthen any muscles that were previously weak.

I continue to work on my herd relationship exercises simultaneously which I have added a video showing an interesting interaction in Angus’s herd recently that shows one of the many ways we can be in Companionship with our horses.

Angus: Herd Integration

Angus: Peeling the layers

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  • Barbara Tilson

    It’s always great to see these type of videos that you post that show and you explain herd dynamics and the subtle interactions that go on there including your part in the picture. Thank you for this!

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