Happy New Year! Each year I personally go through my previous year’s accomplisments and then I look forward to the upcoming year and set goals for the next year. These goals can be personal, professional or equine related. Whatever you want.

2013 was full of great clinics and moving ever forward in my own journey with my horses and my clients and their horses. I have continually watched with amazement how you all are making steady progress with your own journeys. Some of you have really made huge leaps whether it was with yourselves or really challenging horses.

Your exercise as always, is to write down what has improved with you, your horse or horses over the last year. Where you were a year ago and where you are now. This can be anything at all from what you personally have improved, what you and your horse have improved together, to what has improved with your horses character, condition or training.

Once you have done that, I want you to write where you would like to be next January. The key to goal setting is having a clear picture in your mind or a very clear idea of how you would feel when you have achieved this goal. It doesn’t matter if it’s improved connection, a technical training skill, more confidence etc.) Try to see what that would look or feel like if you had already achieved it. Then, start making choices that bring you toward that goal without any attachment to how you will get there, how much time it will take or what steps you will do. Just a firm belief that you can and will get there. Then, sit back and notice each and every little step of that journey for the next year. Try to really stay present and aware of these moments as you go along even if it seems like nothing is happening. One of my favorite ideas from Deepak Chopra is about uncertainty. We experience uncertainty frequently with our horses and our lives. When you are uncertain, try to ground in the uncertainty. Try to let go of control and just be in it. It’s when the universe is doing it’s sorting for you. I’d love to hear some of your thoughts on this. Below is just a sample of some of moments of my year. I shared those moments with a lot of you and look forward to sharing more in 2014 Happy New Year!

Annual New Year’s Exercise

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