I am happy to report I am back online after my wireless modem died this week. So sorry for the lag in blog posts.
Anyway, I wanted to bring to light some interesting observations I experienced working closely with my farrier and Equine chiropractor on different issues that can come up.
First of all, I am an avid proponent of chiropractic work for any living thing from a qualified and preferably *Network style trained practitioner. I have witnessed nothing short of miracles in transformation in quite a few horses.
What appears to be a conformation fault or a weak limb is more often than not a fixable structural problem. In addition to these findings, I have seen that chiropractic combined with proper joint supplementing (I recommend GLC 5500) can stave off if not remove the need for joint injecting. Arthritic changes are often caused by misalignments left untreated. But yet we treat the the joint by injecting it instead of the cause.
Now let’s talk about how your farrier’s job is to balance your horses limbs. As your horse grows and wears his feet between trimming cycles, his mis-allignments in his limbs and joints can cause flairs and uneven balance in his feet. Let’s say we adjust that horse and don’t trim his feet at the same time. His hoof wear pattern is in line with his mis-alligned structure not his new alligned structure. So it makes sense to adjust around the same time you trim or shoe. You are helping the horse hold his new allignment better and the muscles to learn new movement patterns to additionally support the positive permanent changes. Food for thought.

Chiropractic work and hoof trimming

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