FDH is on the road again for my annual trip down unda. I arrived yesterday in Melbourne for the first week of horsing around and will be in New Zealand next week to visit my NZ Horses and their people. I really love both places and have met many awesome horses and people on each visit. I have also had the opportunity to help some horses that were misunderstood or misunderstood what humans wanted from them. This always makes me happy. Each visit there is a unique lesson each horse and person combination presents.  Friday the 7th is a demo at Lowden’s Saddleworld at 5:30pm. Followed by my 3 day clinic and private sessions in Strath Creek, Victoria. Then another demo in New Zealand Nov. 14th at Wairarapa NZRDA in Masterson followed by a 3 day clinic and private sessions. Register and get more info at this link http://fdhorsemanship.com/event-registration/

In other news. FDH has the first Intern in the Mentor program joining our team. Erica is helping hold down the farm while I am away and looking after Mercury and the rest of my herd. She is already learning about Self Selection, How we rehabilitate Physical and Behavioral challenges in horses in non-force/non-dominant way and how we teach others to do the same. She is learning our careful and meticulous ground training program that carries through to riding horses for their well-being and comfort.

Massachusetts Horse Magazine has just come to do a feature on Ohana Farm about what we do and what we are about. They were interested in how we bring a whole new approach to “Natural” Horsemanship, and how we redefine what Natural Horsemanship really looks like. Also how we use the Whole approach to the horse and their person.

This idea of cookie cutter training, nutrition, and teaching as well as sticking with antiquated ways of thinking or what I called “Stuck” thinking is what we are trying to bring awareness to and change. In order to advance our horsemanship into the future, we have to free ourselves from this Stuck thinking in every area of Horses and Horsemanship.

Don’t forget FDH is in another issue of Horse&Rider Magazine working with an Intermediate Event horse that has difficulty with Relaxation and Suppleness. See the link here Horse&Rider Magazine

The philosophy that I live by is “The answers lie within the horse”. So as I travel around bringing outside the Round Pen thinking and freeing people to explore their relationships and Horsemanship, I am excited to see where we all travel on our journey together. Where is your horse taking your Horsemanship?



Down Unda!

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