As we continue to explore the 5 elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, Wood) and typing your horse. We arrive at our Earth Horse.

I met James at a race track and could not really get a feel for who he was because horses at the track are often shut down from themselves and their

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James the best TB

inner horse. Generally the horses I encounter at the track are difficult to handle due to confinement, fitness, and massive amounts of feed they give to fuel them. I spied James on a hot walker and asked if I could have a look at him. They jogged him as they do for soundness and I saw that he was powerfully built. I asked if I could visit with him in his stall because it was the only place he was “himself”. I was hoping I could get a feel for his true character. Upon entering his stall, I stood against the wall and made no attempt to interact with him. I wanted to see how he felt about me and people in general. He came over to me and laid his head on my chest and arms and rested there as if to say “please take me, I am a very good horse” I told them I would take him and he loaded up on my trailer without a look back.

Once James decompressed from racing life, I found my Earth horse. A horse with a Heart of gold that wanted to please you in every way. Not because he was shut down or passive but because that was who is he is. An incredibly agreeable, willing soul. He is still hands down one of my most favorite horses in the world. A kind sweet horse who values partnership and always gives his best.

If you have an Earth horse you probably enjoy him or her very much! They are even tempered and if I see a sign of grumpiness, it is usually honest and because they feel out of balance with their work load or routine. Think about Horse Listening and see if you can make it more agreeable to them. Earth Horses Organ is Spleen so look for that to get imbalanced in times of stress. They can stock up, internalize stress, be prone to parasites, fungus’s and Skin issues. They can also manifest cribbing if their environment is not ideal for them.

Omega fats are very helpful for the Earth horse like Flax and Chia. They also can benefit from enzymes which are found in Whole foods like papaya and pineapple. Dandelion, Goldenseal and Wormwood can be good herbs for Earth Horses. Who’s got an Earth Horse?

If you missed sunday’s Clinic Preview on Natural Response Training and working with your horses innate cues, The clip shows just some of the topics I covered this week. The full replay is available to members here Demo Replay

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Earth Horse and NRT Demo

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