Wrapping up the “What Element is your horse? Series, Fire, Wood , Water, Earth, or Metal, We come to the Water Element horse.

I met Holly, an Arabian mare, when she came to board at Ohana Farm in the late fall last year. She was in a very nervous and flighty state. She would weave in the stall when she was brought in. She had tremendous separation anxiety from her herd mates. Her most outstanding quality was she clearly did not trust people. She would not let anyone approach her unless it was time to come if for feeding or if her herd mate was coming in. Otherwise she was hard to catch or even go in to do some minor care in the paddock.

When brought in the the arena, She moved around nervously and had difficulty again with being calm and still. She exhibited what I call “Leaving her body” at the slightest request to move and would fly around the arena blindly in an adrenaline state. I found her to be extremely sensitive to the slightest energy or language. A highly refined, sensitive horse.

I recognized that in order to connect with Holly, I would have to earn her trust and faith in me. I spent a lot of time with her in her paddock developing our relationship and giving her the freedom to interact with me. After a surprisingly short time, Holly decided she trusted me and when she did, It was with her whole heart. I could tell she started looking for me and took comfort in my presence. At that point she became a soft and calm Balanced Water Horse. Acupuncture and herbs helped her immensely in conjunction with a lot of Liberty, In Hand Work just being together. Holly was in the last blog Demo video on Innate Natural Response Training.

Water Horses need to bond and Trust their person, Then they will do anything for them and they are wonderful to work with. Sweet, Kind and soft. When they don’t trust you, Good Luck! They can be hard to catch, Flighty, Tense moving and prone to needing to move anxiously. When restricted in movement they can get claustrophobic and explosive. They need a patient, quiet person who will take the time to bring out their wonderful refined, delicate qualities in a productive way. They like calm, peaceful exercises that help them stay in their bodies.

The organ connected to Water Horses is the Kidneys. They can need extra Magnesium like Fire horses due to depletion and muscle tension. They can need extra Minerals in general and Joint support for their bones. Omega oil supplements like Flax and Chia, Algaes and Seaweeds and Alfalfa can help the Water Horse where they need extra support. Essential oils can go a long way with horses as well to help them release and calm. Who’s got a Water Horse?

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Water Horses

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