Trotting together

I have just gotten in a young lady named Electra who needs to further her education to riding. She is a beautiful Andalusian filly I met at a one day workshop I did locally. I liked her immediately. She had great character and was sweet, smart, playful, and willing. The farm she came from breeds Spanish horses and needed her started for riding so she can be sold. It was really cool that they wanted her started in this way of working with horses.

What I have learned about Electra so far from our Liberty sessions together is that she really wants to connect to her person. She is soft, curious, and seems to like obstacles and jumps a lot! She went right to our barrels, poles and jumps. She goes to them again and again. She also likes playing with the tarp and went right to our bridge and put her foot on it. This tells me that she might like a career in trail classes, versatility, Jumping, Eventing, or just pleasure trail riding. She also looks like she could make a nice dressage horse or western horse. She seem very versatile! I like horses that are versatile. It’s fun to be able to have the option to do different fun activities with your horse.

Every time I start a new young horse, It is never the same. I have to blend the needs of the owner and the character of the horse with what I do. So it is never the same with any of them. Imagine if someone came to me and said I don’t want to ever have a bridle on this horse but I want to ride. Then I would come up with a completely custom plan and train that way.

With this horse I am using no treats at all. Only scratches and grooming which she loves. I am also using my Liberty Fundamentals exercises and and In Hand work primarily to prepare her for being ridden. I will take her for walks around our neighborhood to help get her fit and used to hacking by walking up some hills before I ask her to carry me.

So far she has been so willing and easy. She is a joy to work with. I will keep you posted on our progress as we go on. If you would like more info on her to purchase, please contact me.
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