I have spoken on numerous occasions about what I call Energetic Inflection but what I haven’t spoken about is use of Energy work and it’s application to you and your horses wellness and Training.
Fiona Paul recently joined us at Ohana farm to teach us that we ALL have the ability to feel and conduct energy. I use the word conduct because we are conduits of energy. It moves through us not by us. We are a vehicle for grounded energy if we practice.

What I have learned in my travels is that horses are so receptive and open to us this way. We can even use it while training. For example, If I am working with a horse in training, and I notice a Block or area of tension I can feel into that area in my own body and release the energy from there and see if it encourages the horse to release the same area. Since often we are holding places unconsciously, It is a very good awareness exercise for our bodies. We need to understand how much horses truly en-train to us when we ride and how we can impact them positively if we are conscious of our energetic connection to them.

I particularly liked a lesson Fiona gave about using our empathetic system to identify areas in our horses that may need work and how to know if it was you or your horses body you were feeling. For example, I was with one particular horse and I was feeling all of the sudden a sensation in my left forearm. I was instructed to go to that area in the horse and then release it. If the pain dissipated, It belonged to the horse not me. If it didn’t, It was my own body communicating at which point could I release the area in my body.

There are many applications for Energy work especially for touch sensitive horses, Traumatized horses, or even Feral animals. Anyone who is conscious of energy and how it can impact another being will learn to tread lighter and softer naturally around a horse. When you are in your body and grounded, you become a valued partner for your equine.

Working with energy can being a deeply grounding and bonding experience for you and your horse if your horse would like to receive energy. If your horse moves away or gets agitated, They may not want anything worked on or may feel that you need to ground more.

Many of us know how much we impact our horses with our energy in our head but to really experience it and be mindful of it, is an excellent daily practice. Our thoughts and how we think deeply impact our internal energy. For example, right now think about how you feel when you are with your horse and feeling full of expectations, impatience and frustration. Feel into your body and notice how you feel in your actual system. What do you notice about your breath, your mood, your jaw etc. Then think of something you do with your horse that brings you deep joy and satisfaction and feel into your body again to see how it alters your core energy. So simply Happy or not happy has a vibration you give off to your horse. Now obviously many people go around unconscious of the state of their nervous system at any time but if you can learn to pay attention to thoughts and mental patterns that are creating stress in your system instead of ease, it will go a long way to shifting your well being and your horse and in turn your relationship and training. Consider it the most important part of your daily interaction with your horse. It is the first step and MOST important step to “Being” with horses. What I call Energy Mastery


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