Some of you may have already heard about my new website, membership site and FDH School in the works. As we speak I am writing my blog from the new website. There is absolutely tons going on at FDH I can’t even write it all because it’s so much! Again, I thank everyone for their patience with the site changes and that little oops! some of you experienced when some emails were sent from my site a bit prematurely due to a hiccup.

The new website will have an improved membership area and shop. I will also be kicking off a new online school which will offer courses on my system of training from A-Z as well as very specific topics such as colt starting, rehabilitating horses, safety, Natural Horse keeping, Natural Health and diet, a Mentor’s program and more!

If you have been on Facebook, you have seen that I have just come back from Big Island in Hawaii with my good friend Jesse. We had an amazing time and adventure as we always seem to. we met many fun people and reveled in the incredible beauty and nature that only Hawaii can deliver. Whales, Volcanoes, Dolphins, Incredible fish and our Gecko friends were at the center of our days. Does it get any better! Lest I forget the surfing! It definitely helped me get through the tough winter we East coasters were braving. Mahalo Hawaii!

One experience Jesse and I had that was unusual (and we have seem to attract unusual!) was while sitting on the Lanai (Terrace) each morning, We would watch the Geckos and it was clear to us that there were Gecko stories unfolding in front of us. They also seemed to lean in and listen to specific parts of our conversations. Then they took it one step further. They must have gotten comfortable with us because they started jumping on us! I felt very honored and privileged seeing as how Geckos are generally very skittish. Being a fan of animal totems and their meanings, I was prompted to remind myself of what Gecko totem means.

Gecko Totem Keywords: Dreams, Detachment, Sensitivity, Psychic Perception

Geckos are a symbol of change such as transformation, death and rebirth. Spiritually and symbolically geckos mean much the same from one culture to another and although superstitions can vary, geckos often have profound, mystical and important rolls to play in various indigenous societies. Because they are a twilight and night creature their role is that of the dream keepers and shapeshifters.The gecko is believed to be an ancestral spirit by many Pacific peoples. It is the “grand totem” of the people of New Caledonia.The gecko lizard is one of the few reptiles that have a voice and in Hawaii the Gecko’s chirp is often taken as an affirmation of spiritual significance. From Hawaii to the Zuni tribe of New Mexico, the Gecko is a symbol of good luck.

Pretty cool huh! I’ll keep you posted on the new website and please feel free to share comments or thoughts on the new site or anything else on your mind.


Exciting new stuff


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