FDH Introduction to Liberty Clinic at Ohana Farm May 16th-17th

May 16, 2015 – May 17, 2015

27 Brookfield rd.

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Join us at Ohana farm for a life changing horsemanship experience! Learn True Natural Horsemanship and equine social language and culture. No Rope Halters or Round pens needed! Just Coherent Communication, Friendship, and Mutually Respectful and Trust building Equine/Human conversations. Adding this work to your training program will take your partnership and relationship with your horse to a level you never dreamed possible!.

Liberty training is the foundation of all my work and is not only a fun, fresh approach to training, but also easy to learn and will enhance your understanding of horses in a way which we simply don’t learn from traditional training. It is truly the missing piece from horse training. You will learn to train your horse like another horse would, using articulate body language and sensitivity for the horses’ intelligence and character.

A horse is provided for this clinic for the group class day to learn the exercises with. The second day is for people who wish to learn how to apply the approach to their personal horse or the horse they wish to practice with in private 1 hour sessions. Limited horses are available for lease for the clinic if you cannot bring one or don’t own a horse. Auditing will be unlimited for both days. The second day is optional. Stall space will be available for horses that need to stay overnight for $25.00 which includes bedding and hay. Please provide your own feed if needed.

In this clinic you will learn:

  • The Liberty exercises that build a true Bond and Connection that is the foundation for all other areas of interaction and training with your horse.
  • How to shorten learning time using Natural Equine herd exercises the horse use themselves.
  • How to get the performance you want by prioritizing your connection and relationship.
  • How to read, improve and maintain various aspects of your connection with your horse.
  • How to get in the right mind set and energy to work with your horse.
  • How to turn challenges into training, trust, and connection builders.
  • How to make it fun for you and your horse to learn Liberty movements on the ground that translate to success in the saddle;
  • How to make a huge leap forward in both your connection and your Training.
  • How to overcome any fear or trauma associated with your horse.
  • How to utilize Natural Response Training cues and Body Language so training becomes much easier, fun, harmonious and simpler for both of you.
  • How to get a horse to Bond, Connect and CHOOSE your leadership of his free will. You will learn the steps to build a connection with any horse in a way you never dreamed possible!


FDH Introduction to Liberty Clinic at Ohana Farm May 16th-17th

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