It has been some time since I posted because I have been preparing and working very hard at my Grand Opening of Ohana Farm and getting ready to go Down Unda! The renovations are almost complete (yes the stables are that bright!) and the Grand opening was a great success with Myself, Mercury (of course), Fiona Habershon animal healing and Wendy Bryant EqDt joining me for demos on Self Selection and Natural Balance Dentistry.

Ohana Farm

Renovated stalls at Ohana farm

Fiona and I worked on a horse using our tag team approach that we had both never worked with before. She was a mare that Wendy had just acquired. I was able to show how I start working with a new horse and build rapport and trust. She showed that she clearly shut down when tack was brought into the conversation and I showed how to work with that at Liberty and offer her a choice to participate in having tack or not on her terms.

Mercury, the commensurate star as always was beside himself the morning of the demo. Clearly excited and “On” as it were. Perfect for the demo because he had his signature “Brio” that I love! i showed what a typical Liberty, Liberty rein In Hand, and Bitless and Bridless session would look like. Talking about how I apply my tools to help our Connection and Technical work advance all the time. I had some really fun music playing showing how I could use the music and the Dressage movements by intuitive feel in the moment to actually support Mercury’s development while I was flowing with the music. I showed how if I listened to the music and organically flowed with appropriate suppling, balancing and engaging movements, it really was like a fun dance together instead of “training”. I also showed how I creatively incorporated Agility, Jumping, and dressage in a complimentary way that made the session diverse and interesting for me and Mercury. Only your imagination is the limit!

In upcoming news, I am headed Down Unda November 3-20th for clinics in Australia and New Zealand. There is still time to sign up for horse spots and Spectating. Also please join us for the Demonstration nights in both places. For info and registration go to this link See ya there mate!

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Grand Opening Highlights and Down Unda time!

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