The Labor day Clinic at Back Acres farm was really fun and interesting as always! It is a fairly local location for me so I am able to offer some truly special experiences that I can’t when I travel abroad and farther afield.

One of the experiences I can offer is a twist on my Liberty class. I usually offer this in my 3 day clinics, but in this one, it is done with a herd. This is a great way to get to work with a group of horses and really see how special this work is. At my UK clinic at the New Horse and this one I have the ability to lease horses to participants for the 3 days. In this particular clinic, I did not assign horses but let people Share Territory (Carolyn Resnick) with the horses in the herd setting and then tell me which horse they resonated with. No Surprise to me, everyone picked the horse I would have given them on their own. Funny how that works! Because of my Liberty-Line-Mounted progression, The people who leased horses get to see how the work allows you to build connection with a completely new horse in a short time and how it flows beautifully into the Line and Mounted work. I saw people and horses they had never met, or ridden in wonderful harmony right up to Mounted FUN!damentals. Amazing to see!

I was also able to offer my local team of Holistic practitioners from Ravenhill Equine Wellness to work on and demonstrate Natural Balance dentisty and Equine Chiropractic on participants horses. Otherwise known as The Whole approach to Horsemanship.

 Last but certainly not least, I can bring Mercury in for his personal appearance so he can share his thoughts on Being Fantastic, Connection, Liberty, Bitless Riding, and Bridless Bareback Dressage. This Clinic will be my Annual Flagship clinic. So don’t miss out on the next one! Also keep a watch for Ravenhill Equine Wellness and Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship Horsie Spa days. I’ll Keep you posted! Here is the Part one of the Mercury Show. Once again Mercury showed me what Love, Connection, Joy, and fun are all about. Enjoy!

Labor Day Clinic 2012: The Mercury Show Part 1

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