Natural Balance Dentistry


Why do I want a Natural Balance Dentist?

For the past hundred years dentistry has treated symptoms (i.e. the points, hooks, etc so the horse would eat better). Natural Balance Dentistry™ (NBD) is not so much about eating, although they will eat better, as it is about posture, stride length, body mass (topline) and movement.

A properly balanced jaw moves in a down, out, up and in motion. When the TMJ is not centered the jaw moves in an up and down only motion causing excessive points to develop.

The TMJ needs to be centered and it needs to be stable. Muscles and teeth properly aligned keep it that way.

NBD starts with balancing the incisors first to the length and angle of a five year old horse because horses in the wild keep the same length and angle throughout their entire life due to gazing on grasses rich in silica or abrasives. Precision is a MUST and must fit each horse (some have twisted noses and missing or deformed incisors) so one size does not fit all.

We then proceed to balancing the molar tables to precise angles. The angles of the molar tables are the exact opposite angle of the condyle in the TMJ. We do not flatten the molar tables but leave texture for proper movement of the jaw and for proper chewing. Most importantly of all, left molar table angle equals right table angle and all teeth fit together precisely and anatomically correct to each individual horse.

Teeth are really calcified nerves, so all contact is a must to turn on all nerve circuits. Just like fine tuning an engine in race cars so that all pistons, plugs etc. run precise, so it is in NBD. All angles and tooth surfaces meeting must be precise.

A NBD is trained to look at your horse from the outside and tell you what is going on with the teeth and body without even looking in the horses’ mouth.

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Natural Balance Dentistry

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