Here is a list of the items I mentioned:

Organic Apple cider vinegar-Bragg is a good brand
Goldenseal powder-Styptic blood clotting
Rescue Remedy
Surgical tube
Calendula Tincture and or Gel/ointment
Liquid Savvy-Simply NHN Iodine herbal mix for wounds and thrush
Devil’s Claw-Bute Substitute
Traumeel-Homeopathic Brand gel or oinment
Tea Tree oil-skin issues fungus, thrush dilute with oil like vitamin E
Vitamin E oil-great for skin and cuts mix w/ tea tree to make anti infective

Arnica Montana-Trauma, fall, injury, accident also good for over exertion
Symphytum(Comfrey)-Bone bruises injuries fractures
Ruta Grave-Soft tissue, tendon, sprain, strain, ligament injury
Rhus Tox-Poison Ivy and Arthritis issues
Apis-for stings and bites

Colic Homeopathy
Colocynthis-General unknown cause
Nux Vomica-Spasm, impaction
Colchicum-Not Cold Chicken! Over eating, grass, grain
Chamomilla-Gas colic
Arsenicum Album-Restless pawing kicking up and down

Basic Items:
Thermometer-Normal temp 99-101.5
Stethoscope-heart and colic gut noise
Leatherman tool

GV26-resusitation point directly under nose
Ear point massage-for colic calming general health

Resting pulse-38-40 bpm-check side of foot, under jaw, under chest left

A couple more things, DUCT TAPE 101 uses around the barn! Mainly wrapping hooves for punctures or abcesses with a gauze or baby diapers. great for putting in Hoof Savvy or similar to sooth and draw. And Aloe Vera is another all purpose remedy for wounds, rashes, sunburn, sunscreen, etc.

Regarding the Pressure bandage and tourniquet application. You only want to use a Tourniquet if pressure is not enough to slow and or stop blood flow. You are trying to give the body time to stop the bleeding and naturally clot and coagulate. You pressure at aprox 5 minute intervals and check to see if it has slowed. Same with Tourniquet, if bleeding has not stopped with pressure add Tourniquet and check at few minute intervals to see if bleeding has stopped.

And yes a lot of these items are in my Shop if you need them!

Natural First aid kit item list

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