Today was our first really snowy day this winter. But compared to last winter it has been so much better.Farah DeJohnette I don’t mind the snow at all. I took this shot of Mercury today in it. The horses were very fresh! I have just finished the first Module of the Natural Outline class and utilizing our Live Streaming Virtual Auditing/Spectating/Fence sitting (depending on where you are!)

I covered utilizing Liberty Fun!damentals with Foundation Liberty(Connection) to start weaving Healthy Posture, Supplenes, Bio mechanics and Framing into your ground training.

This last class was fun because we were able to utilize our group chat and watch and analyze class participants videos on the Screen sharing function. Though not mandatory to submit video, we were all able benefit from the videos that were submitted and learn to “see” as a group the horses and their people practicing. Not only is this a valuable exercise for people to watch themselves but it is also a great exercise for us all to see different horses and compare movement, carriage, and body language. In addition, I am able to give live real time feedback that we can all see in the video and share comments on.

I look forward to the next class with dates to be announced soon. We will be looking at the ground phase with tack (Whatever you choose to work with) and how to make the jump to tack without losing the Liberty “feel”. This class will also benefit you particularly if you cannot work with your horse at Liberty for some reason. I know sometimes it is not possible or safe to practice at Liberty so it is important to have other options which still maintain the “Spirit” of Liberty.

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Natural Outline: Overview

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