This week’s Online Live Streaming Demo centered around creating a flexible plan for improving your horses Natural Outline at Liberty and using Liberty Fun!damentals. I like to show a variety of levels and breeds so we can see how to work with each individual.

What I love about this work is the freestyle of it which makes it really like a dance. It also teaches us to Listen and learn to apply the appropriate exercises for your horse to improve flexibility, strength, symmetry and overall posture that is appropriate for your horses conformation, age, level of training and fitness. 

The Mare I am working with in this video clip is a Arabian mare that is new to my program and only arrived at the farm a short while ago. When she came she was extremely anxious, herd bound, and distrustful of people. It was hard to catch her in the paddock and she was quick to go into an adrenaline state in the arena when brought in to do any exercises with her owner who is also new to this work.

In addition to my foundation Liberty work with her to build our trust and friendship, The Liberty Fun!damental work is helping Holly find soft movement and new muscle memory that will help her develop her Natural healthy posture and Outline.

Since Holly and I have met, She has revealed herself to be a sweet and kind mare and though still a bit insecure, I am confident with the excellent progress she has made that she will become a happy and confident girl. Please enjoy this short clip of the Live streaming demo. The next Live streaming Event for the Natural Outline class is January 31st at 11:30am ET. If you’d like to join in so you too can Virtually Audit a real time demonstration and classes coming to you from Ohana Farm Register Here
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Natural Outline Class: Creating a flexible plan

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