In this weeks Live online class we covered the basic Liberty Fun!damental exercises and you saw me working in real time on problem solving and developing Suppleness, Bio-mechanics, Balance and Framing with my horse. In the video clip, You see me Intertwining Mirroring with some of the other exercises to build flow of Energy, Balance and Suppleness. The Basic exercises are outlined in the progress Journals and they are as follows:

  • Safety is always #1 when working with any exercises with a horse or when just simply being around a horse. Be Mindful, Present and always respect (don’t fear) a horses power. It will help you be safe.
  • Eye Contact is one of the most important exercises in this work. It is one of the Cornerstones of The Liberty Fun!damentals and the Natural Outline
  • Sending Left and right at all 3 gaits (shaping direction)
  • Impulsion/Drive (Walk, Trot, Canter)
  • Engagement/Transitions (Walk, Trot, Canter)
  • Draw (Walk, Trot, Canter, both directions)
  • Circles (Walk, Trot, Canter, away from the wall/fence)
  • Mirroring (Walk, Trot, Canter both sides)

When you can do these exercises with you horse well, you are on your way to Lateral work, Collection and More advanced exercises. You are on your way to helping your horse to find posture, balance and suppleness that will make him more comfortable and elastic in his movement. You are also on your way to learning not only how to see, Problem solve and Improve your Training for the next level whether it’s Ground work with Tack or Riding.

Our next Live online demo class will be at 11:30 on Sunday the 24th. We will be covering: Improving Outline (frame), movement and Symmetry, Creating a plan using the appropriate exercises for your horse to improve flexibility, strength, symmetry and overall posture that is appropriate for your horse’s conformation, age, level of training and fitness. All while maintaining Fun and Connection. If you’d like to join in the Fun and and participate Register now!

The Natural Outline: Basic exercises

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