My Dad’s a Natural!

When you read the title of this blog, you probably thought I was referring to teaching non-horse people. The fact of the matter is, I was referring to what non-horse people or people who only want relationship with a horse can teach us horse people.

Since this journey with Liberty work started, I still laugh about how I thought I was just learning this work for me and my personal horses. I thought no one would be interested in anything that didn’t have to do with our narrow riding/work relationship we have with horses. Boy was I happily wrong. Since then, Not only have people who ride showed up, but a steady stream of Equine Therapists, Animal lovers, and Non-horse people have arrived to learn how to enjoy a different way of being with Horses.

What we can learn from watching the horses interact with these people is, the true meaning of a clear energy. There is no need or agenda only pure connection.

Some of you may have already seen on Facebook the photos of my dad from the Memorial weekend clinic. My parents both participated in the Liberty Class with a Saddlebred named Remy. My mom is an animal person and my dad is a “city boy” who has graciously tolerated his animal loving family. He likes animals now but is not so confident with them. Horses are large animals and if you are not a horse lover, I can very much see how they could seem intimidating. If you don’t know how to read them, they can be.

 What I like about my Liberty class is how I use one horse that most everyone doesn’t know, even me. I try to get a horse that has no experience with the work (except with other horses!) I want everyone to have to build connection through the exercises in real time and in context. Working with a unknown horse let’s us come in with no preexisting patterns that we have with our own horses. Even with this, I see people’s patterns with their own horses exposed on the class horse. I can see good patterns and shift ones that need shifting. As each horse works with each person, I see their own unique chemistry evolve. We can learn from watching how one horse interacts with everyone and their good examples.

I had, as usual a group of all different horse people in the class and my parents. My Mom is more comfortable with animals and was able to connect to work with Remy easily in most exercises. She has no agenda except to connect. She doesn’t ride. She just loves animals.

My Dad provided a standout lesson for all us horse people. First he wasn’t sure he wanted to participate so he just watched. At some point he decided to join the class feeling a bit more confident. He said he could understand what I was explaining. We were working on Leading from Behind and Companion Walking with everyone. It came his turn and he got up and the horse came straight to him and Companion Walked. I wish I had video because what I saw had more to do with energy than beginner’s luck. It had to do with my dad’s energy being pure and clear. He wanted nothing of Remy he had no agenda and no need for Remy to do anything for him. Remy was instantly attracted to that energy more than any other people in that room. It was the difference in his energy that reminded us horse people of what that energy looks like and what it feels like to a horse. It was powerful for all of us to see.

In the class we are all helping each other learn by our interactions with the horses. I enjoy the different people who are participating in the classes and the lessons they all bring us. The Non horse people lessons are sometimes the most powerful ones!
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Non horse person lessons


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