It has been a vision of mine for a long time to do live interactive online demos and clinics. They allow me to be able to give you clinics and demos all over the world all at once while speaking to you and taking your questions in real time. The applications are limitless and I have many exciting things coming up. Here is the first live streaming demo clip coming to you from Ohana Farm! This is the intro for the Online class in the Natural Outline. Unfortunately, the video and audio quality is at the mercy of the internet stream quality and speed so there are some sections on the video that were disrupted by this. All in all though it went pretty well and the horses were excellent teachers as usual!

In this video you will see me work with two different horses and an introduction to how I let my horse guide my Liberty Fun!damental, Ground and Mounted program. If you’d like to see the entire demonstration click here Live Demo video

The upcoming class from January 1st-31st is part 1 of 3 modules on the Natural Outline series covering Liberty Fun!damentals to Mounted.

Sign up for the class here or if you are a Premium or higher member you can participate in the class for free! Register for the class Become a member!


Our first live demo!

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