I just finished our first NSA (Network Spinal Analysis and Somatic Trauma release) Workshop with Dr. Catherine Hondorp. NSA deals with assisting our nervous system to learn how to regulate itself, We learned about how our central nervous system expands and contracts. We also learned how sometimes our Nervous system gets stuck and makes a storehouse of energy in an area. An NSA practitioner helps that energy storehouse open up and allow the energy to flow more easily through the body. We get into posture patterns for many reasons from physical to emotional patterns. We also often do what is called Entrainment with our horses. What that means is our horses take on our patterns in their bodies because they follow our nervous system. When we learn how to self regulate or what I call Energy Mastery, we can impact our horses in a profoundly simple and powerful way.

We worked on exercises that were very useful to identify what triggers our nervous system. For example; think about something right now that you find stressful and then feel into your body and see what that feels like physically. Now think about something calm, peaceful and happy and feel what that does to your physical system. What you have just learned is how to find your Happy Place! So if you pay attention to when you are stressed and feel it creeping into you body, go to your Happy Place until you come to what Catherine calls “Settled” in your Nervous system. It’s a great practice to use with our horses, As many of us tend to bring stress and worry to our horses on a regular basis. Then our horses feel that even if it is on the subtlest level. Everyone has an image or a place that brings them to peace and happiness. Share what your visualization is in the comments.

Catherine and I worked with the People first and then helped people figure out what they were bringing to their horses and what was their horses own patterns. What was amazing was how much people changed in their postures and ease of movement. Many people I have worked with for some time on riding released long standing riding habits they had been struggling with and so did their horses. The work is very subtle but so powerful. If you would like to experience a session on your own or with your horse, we will be doing appointments on the July 17th at Ohana farm. Limited to 12 participants with three time slots available. For more info and to register Click Here

Our NSA Workshop

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