May 31, 2014 – May 31, 2014

414 Bull Hill Road

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In this workshop, You will get a rare opportunity to learn from both Farah and Fiona in one day!
Half day Self Selection class with Fiona Habershon:
Each participant will learn how offer herbs and oils to their horse for Self Selection. Fiona will discuss what herbs they are selecting, and why, the properties, specific body language to look for and more. You will learn how to present the herbs and oils. How to identify a positive and negative response (not always what you would expect). You will have the opportunity to offer a wide range of Herbs and Oils to your horse and come to understand your horses needs to bring him into balance and wellness.
  • ¬†*Workshop will run from 3-4 hours
  • *All Herbs, Essential oils, Fixed oils, Trays, will be provided
  • *Selection Aprons Available for purchase
  • *Body wraps demonstrated where applicable
  • *Question & answer session at the end
  • *Spectators welcome $25.00
  • *This workshop is intended to give an introduction to Self-Selection for you and your horse. It is not intended to replace a private session and will not be as in depth as a private session with Fiona.

*A private session includes Self-Selection with a full spectrum of Herbs, Algaes, Clays, Essential Oils,Fixed Oils,and Seaweeds, Healing, Communication and Ttouch.


Farah DeJohnette Horsemanship

* Love getting out of the arena!

Half day Liberty class with Farah DeJohnette:

The FDH Intro to Liberty Class is a great way to learn the foundation exercises that I start my horses with. These exercises are the missing piece in all our equine/human relationships. In this workshop you will be introduced to a new way to be with horses. Work shop will run 3-4 hours. You will learn:

  • *How to build a deep connection with your horse at Liberty through a series of Natural exercises.
  • *The keys to True Natural Horsemanship and how it change your training and relationship with horses forever.
  • *How to problem solve technical issues at Liberty while building Connection and Communication skills.
  • *How to turn challenges into fun opportunities.
  • *How to get into the right mind set to be with and train horses so it is enjoyable for both of you.
  • *How to make Magic with horses!



Self Selection and FDH Intro to Liberty workshop, Gilboa, NY May 31

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