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Views from Sharing Territory panoramic shot

Periodically, I like to remind myself and the people I work with of the virtues of Carolyn Resnick’s Sharing Territory exercise. It cannot be emphasized enough the value of this exercise for horses and their people equally. I could tell you all the cool things that go on during this exercise if you haven’t already ventured to try it but I will add a link (click here) to a previous post of some of my extraordinary experiences with it.

I have recently integrated Mercury into his herd and it has given me a new opportunity to share territory with him and his group. It is fascinating. I believe we and our horses all bring our own experience and energy to this ritual and that is part of the fun. I get a huge kick out of observing the different chemistry and relationships I see between individual horses and how they relate. It is like having a lesson in horsemanship in itself.

But mostly it is calming, soothing, entertaining, funny, and amusing at times, a great opportunity to get beautiful photos you might not normally be privy to and it is a way to “do something” with our horses without actually doing anything. Doing nothing IS doing something, something VERY important. You will only know if you go and explore yourself.

Those of us who are already practicing the Waterhole Rituals as part of our daily time and training programs already know what I’m talking about, but perhaps you haven’t had a little sit in awhile. I have a saying sometimes when I am stressed or need a little “time out” “Time to go sit in the pasture!”

Carolyn has an upcoming online class in the Waterhole Rituals in march if you are interested click here. As for me, I’ve got a busy spring lined up! I have several upcoming clinics coming up in Annapolis, MD 4/27-28 (Click here), 5/26-27 Freehold, NY (details coming), and 6/21-23 at The New Horse, Motcombe UK.

And finally, there is new videos up in the Virtual clinic. My Liberty Practice, and a new Liberty FUN!damentals video http://fdhvirtualclinic.com/video-private?q=5129b3a53eea3.flv. Enjoy 🙂


Companion Time revisited

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