Here are some simple tips Mercury told me to
share that will change your connection and horsemanship.

1. Appreciate every second the generous nature of a horse.
2. Balance down time with work time in your life and theirs especially performance horses.
3. Make training positive and fun for you and your horse.
4. Be clear in your Intention setting before you make requests.
5. Keep the conversation two way.
6. Always work slowly and patiently.
7. Be mindful when you are with your horse.
8. Be as focused as you expect your horse to be.
9. Practice Clear Communication as much as possible.
10. Practice good Leadership
11. Use positive Visualizations especially if you are fearful.
12. Practice positive reinforcement.
13. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and let your horse make them too.
14. Be ok with whatever mood your horse is in and work with not against him.
15. Breathe together.
16. Treat how you would like to be Treated
17. Keep training flexible and organic.
18. Keep the bar adjustable
19. Goals should be attainable and fun.
20. Working with what your horse offers rather then against.
21. Listen to how your horse as much as you ask him to listen to you.
22. Respect is a two way street.
23. Don’t ask your horse to do something you don’t really want to do.
24. Remember your horse is your Mirror so be mindful of what you are reflecting.
25.Horse time is sacred!
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Simple Horsemanship tips from Mercury

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