It’s been a bit of time since my last post and it is because there is so much going on at Ohana Farm and FDhorsemanship. This summer we have continued to make improvements to the farm and I have had many interesting horses in for training. Not surprising, I have attracted many big characters to the farm that are often misunderstood more than anything. The art of Horse Listening™ has been my best tool along with the bio-mechanical rehab many horses are in desperate need of.

It has become increasingly apparent to me that more and more horses need help emotionally and physically to reach their true potential. I am proud to say I have been able to help many horses at risk over the last few years. I have also helped their owners find great partnerships where there was struggle and even danger before.

In addition to my usual clinic and training activities, I had the honor and fun of working with my dad again on our Sounds of Liberty project which is what I call an Equine/Human performance art piece. I was asked to do a demonstration for Equine Equine Equine art festival September 19th at the Dutchess county fair grounds. I did a training demo with a very sensitive arab cross mare who had been a rescue. I also brought Mercury in for our art performance and as luck would have it, my father and I were able to make it all come together with the added bonus of my friend and god brother Matt Garrison joining us for an added music dimension. It was really cool and fun. Everyone loved it and what I enjoy most about this is that everytime we do it, It is completely different and unique. It can never be duplicated because it is completely improvised and un-choreographed.

Mercury has figured out that I love when he adds new dance moves and makes up his own all the time. It is a true collaboration with another being. This vision of mine was made possible with the support of my father, Jack DeJohnette, my family and friends of whom I have endless gratitude. I am truly lucky! I am also very lucky to have a horse who inspires me in every way.

I look forward to expanding on this project in the future and even offering a workshop where you too can create equine/human performance art with your horse (or ours) and some of my musician friends!

In other news, I am off to Australia and New Zealand again soon and we have finally planned a North and South Island clinic this year. You asked for it and we have finally made it happen. We also have our first beach ride clinic coming up in RI though we are having some weather challenges and may have to make a rain date. In addition to that we have a clinic with In Company of horses for Horsie and Non Horsie folks alike who would like to work on shifting patterns or improving leadership through EFL. Check this link out to see all the events going on and register and get more info

Enjoy this short clip of the Sounds of Liberty project. More to come! See you at the next clinic!




Sounds of Liberty project

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