I have been gradually working on more and more Bridless work and have jumped and worked out in the open fields. I am aiming toward more Dressage precise work as we get more adept at it. In this video, I am working on a simple circle (easier said than done!) and walk, trot, and canter in a nice balance and bend.

What I like about this work is it keeps the focus on riding from your body (I’m still not used to what to do with my hands when there are no reins!), It encourages the horse to pick their own outline (or frame or head set). It is proof to me that a horse can go in a correct outline by choice and without a bit or any tack on his head for that matter. It is very free feeling and it requires us to REALLY communicate. The less equipment you have, the more clear communication has to be. It is an exercise in trust, communication, focus, calmness, balance and poise.

This work is a joy and has been very interesting to figure out how it can be done and exhilarating when it is actually achieved. More to come as always!

*Farah DeJohnette training does not encourage or promote bridless riding. Do not attempt this.

The beginning stages of Bridless Dressage


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