• joanna blake

    this is a great vid farah, thanks for posting. i use practice this exercise alot and variations on the theme with hay nets in the barn. my mare isnt quite as respectful as your boy with shifting his hind around, i usually get a sniffy face but it has a huge impact on our relationship and she asks for permission to do lots of other things afterwards too such as go through a gate before me or not. if i dont practice this as often the result is a horse who sees me as a helpful servant or someone to be completely ignored – a very powerful exercise.
    all the best,

  • Kimberly Taylor

    Hi Farah, I’m glad I come across your blog on horsemanship. I’m a horse enthusiast who commits to myself to know the ways of these wonderful creatures and learn to understand how they must be treated. Thanks for your helpful thoughts that fuels my passion to keep going.

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