The Holistic Horse Lifestyle

What constitutes a Holistic Lifestyle for an Equine?

  • A horse should be free in a large area with accessible natural or man made shelter 24hrs a day in varied terrain surfaces and environments.
  • They should have access full time forage (in a Slow feeder) or combinations of safe levels of grazing and forage.
  • They should be fed un-processed Whole feeds (if needed) in addition to their forage/grass diet.
  • They should have access to other horses at minimum one other companion or another animal
  • Their area should encourage natural exercise by putting forage in multiple areas and water at distances from each other.
  • They should be offered a variety of Whole foods and Herbs regularly
  • Their Training program should be balanced, sustainable and as stress free as possible
  • They should enjoy a lot of down time with you!
Farah DeJohnette

The Holistic Horses Lifestyle

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