Mercury and I are thinking the same thought here…

Energy follows thought….”Think” about that. What it means is, what you think, dwell on, worry about, or visualize is drawn to you and broadcast back out like a radio wave.

This week, the theme in lessons and training was overwhelmingly, change your mind, change your experience which of course goes right to your horse.

I caught myself not helping my situation with Mercury where he was spooking and I got mentally “stuck” on the behavior and it kept happening at the same spot in the arena on each pass. After about the 3rd time, I said to myself ” why aren’t you thinking about him going past this point calmly and thinking of the destination after the scary spot. As soon as I did that, He went past the rest of the ride with minimal fuss. Thank you Merc for the reminder to stop focusing on what was happening and think about what I would like to have happen.

A phrase I often say is “If you are not happy with a current situation, think about how it would look if it went the way you wanted.”

Another statement I give to new riders is, If you think about falling off all the time, you will think it into reality. The horse will keep getting this mental ¬†“text message” of you hitting the ground. And….he will think that is where you want to go! If you think about your horse spooking all the time, he will think about spooking etc.

It’s human nature to get caught in negative thought cycles and also to want perfection and a feeling of being totally safe. So what if we went to the barn every time we saw our horse and said “We are perfect” and “I feel safe with you” or “My horse and I are not afraid” Every statement has the ability to move you toward the place you want to go or hold you in a “stuck” pattern.

Here is a list of examples of how you can switch your thinking which in turn will send a positive message to your horse.

1. “I am not a good/confident rider.” Positive: I am becoming more confident all the time, I am a confident rider. Horse hears ” I am not a leader” or I am becoming a better leader.

2. “I am stiff” Positive: I more flexible, balanced and strong everyday. Your horse hears “I am a good rider and getting better all the time”

3. “That transition was bad, my circles are horrible, I am terrible at “X” etc. Positive: These transitions are improving, My circles are so much better than 6 months ago, We are really improving “X” Your horse hears ” I can never get it right no matter what” Or “We are having a good ride/liberty etc!”

I could go on but you probably get the point. The exercise is write down all the “Negatives” you say about anything especially goals and then write a positive statement that reflects the outcome of what you’d like to see REALLY happen. How ever long it takes. More oats for thought! : ) Let’s hear some thoughts in the comment section!


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