This week finds me days away from leaving for the UK to do the first of two clinics scheduled for this year! I am excited to go back to the New Horse and Carolyn Bourchier. If you are still interested in attending contact Carolyn or go to this link

I thoroughly enjoyed the past clinics and each one is unique. The next multi day clinic will be at Back Acres Farm in the US labor day weekend.¬† I’ll be back in the UK for September and hope to make a nice progression for the 2 clinics. So I am encouraging people to attend both so we can move on to some really fun stuff! You do not by any means have to attend both.

This week I also have a short video of introducing Liberty Jumping. It’s super fun even if you don’t have aspirations to jump yourself. It provides a nice gymnastic benefit for your horse and you (if you get into it!). If you do jump, it provides a really fun way to bring up your horses enthusiasm and partnership. All you need to know how to do is Companion Moving, Send and Draw, and Direction body language. This work helped me develop this particular horse into a jumping champ! When I got him he was willing but not sure how to navigate obstacles having come from racing.

Some of you may have heard about Robin Gates’ accident. I have never met her personally but I wish her a speedy recovery so she can get back to her ponies and people. She needs help with money for medical expenses You can donate here
This experience is a reminder to us all to always be Mindful around our horses.
Click here to view video :

UK bound!

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